• 26 Apr 2021
    10:00 - 12:30

    Energy Transition in the Public Sector - Strategies and Funding

    Organiser: Others

    During the last four years, the BundleUP project (aka Ponto Energia) aimed to create a best practice, at the Portuguese level, by implementing a pipeline of energy-efficiency based investments, with emphases in the public sector, through the bundling of small to medium-sized projects, providing them with the dimension needed for investment-readiness and investor interest. To achieve this goal we harmonized procurement documentation of energy efficiency and explored new types of funding for energy efficiency.

    As a direct impact of the project, we helped fund 47 projects, worth over 34M€, with a considerable impact in energy waste reduction, enabling savings of about 14 221 tons of CO2/year, by cutting energy waste by 35,2 GWh/year, while increasing solar energy production by installing 2,8 MW of PV that has an annual green energy production of 4,2 GWh.

    In this event we will share with a European wide audience the project implementation process, our final conclusions and its legacy expectations, transferable to other European stakeholders.

    With the participation of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office.

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