• 14 Oct 2021
    00:30 - 11:00

    Accelerating adaptation at the local level - European Week of Regions and Cities

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    At city level, adaptation is based on a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary approach that fosters cooperation with surrounding municipalities, regions, and member states. When drafting their adaptation action plans, cities are also taking decisions that involve urban planning, defining standards for existing and new buildings, creation of green and blue infrastructures, and developing plans for protecting vulnerable citizens and infrastructures during extreme weather events.

    In the current context and in the wake of the COVID crisis, local adaptation actions and investments can have the double role of supporting the EU's recovery efforts in the short and medium term, and increase their resilience in the long term, improving adaptive capacities and health. This participatory lab will set the scene on the framework for adaptation action at the local level put in place by the EU Adaptation Strategy and the Mission on Climate Adaptation. Following short presentations from cities, it will also engage participants in an active discussion on how to step up implementation of their local adaptation action plans, and what supporting instruments can be activated to answer local needs. Inputs from the audience will shape the course of the session.


    The framework for adaptation

    • Introductory remarks – Markku Markkula, Vice-President EU Committee of the Regions and Chair of Espoo City Board – Chair

    • The European Context – the new EU adaptation strategy – DG CLIMA

    • A climate-resilient and just Europe by 2030 – a mission for 100 regions in Europe – DG RTD

    Multi-level and multi-stakeholder approaches

    • Nadapta Project – Nahia Villanueva López, Agencia Navarra del Territorio y de la Sostenibilidad

    • Changing the mindsets about rain in Gothenburg with designers, artists, and citizens – Magnus Mott, Rain Gothenburg

    • Short Q&A

    How to move from planning to implementation? Focus on challenges

    • Break out rooms

    • Closing remarks by the moderator


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