• 31 May 2022

    The European Energy Transition Conference

    Organiser: Signatories

    January 2018 seems like such a long time ago… and yet, who can forget the first edition of the European Energy Transition Conference organised by and in Grand Genève? This edition helped our region take another step toward the energy and environmental transition, which now influences all our public policies.

    The 23rd edition will address the issue of energy sobriety through the theme “Less for more!”. LESS fossil fuels, pollution, CO2 emissions, resources consumed, energy insecurity for MORE renewable energy, well-being, quality of life, innovation and local jobs. In total: some 20 plenary sessions will tackle this issue from European, national, regional, inter-municipal and local, heritage and even individual perspectives, through multiple lenses and from numerous viewpoints, with elected officials, experts, neuro-psychoanalysts, communicators and young generations.